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Antiscalant for Sea Water Desalintation

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General Product Information

SPE 0114 is a multifunctional antiscalant for reverse osmosis, especially for Sea Water Desalination Reverse Osmosis systems.  It is highly effective in preventing silica scale on membrane surfaces. Besides its excellent silica scale inhibition SPE 0114 is effectively controlling calcium carbonate, strontium sulphate, barium sulphate, calcium fluoride and metal oxides scale.

SPE 0114 has compatibility approvals from major membrane manufacturers.  

System Application :

Concentration Solution 10%
Dosage 2 - 5 ppm

Packing                      : 25 Kg/Pails

Price                            : Rp. 3.200.000,- per pail
download catalog : SPE 0114

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